About Terri Werner

Hello!  I am Terri Werner, Founder and President of Energy Flow Consulting, LLC.  I am committed to inspiring others to be their best self and make a positive impact in the world, wherever they choose to serve.

   Do you want to be
creative, efficient and effective
while feeling relaxed, powerful and happy?


Individual transformation is the key to working with others to resolve conflict, develop leaders, build teams, and implement successful change.  It’s my privilege to be of service by guiding individuals and leaders to useful wisdom, skills, hope and confidence to thrive in our stressful, changing times.

My broad range of experiences and studies enables me to create a holistic offer of unique value.  Combining my knowledge of neuroscience, leadership, organization development, learning, health and healing, and change, I facilitate processes that help people design a more powerful 'way of being' that enables them to accomplish their goals faster and easier, with less stress and more enjoyment.  My gift is to blend a very practical results-oriented approach with heart and spirit.

Over 37+ years of consulting I have worked with executives, scientists, engineers, military, faculty, lawyers, prison inmates, various healthcare professionals, police, clergy, non-profit boards, builders, and staff.  My facilitative methods work in any type of organization, and for any industry or issue.  Each engagement is tailored to the unique needs of the client, and is designed for self-responsibility leading to ongoing results.  Ideally my services are a combination of individual coaching for the leader and work with your team.

The foundation of my work is:

  • Ontological - Deeply grounded and practical understanding of language, body, moods and conversations for behavioral and cultural transformation.
  • Brain-based - Draws from the science of how the brain works and provides practical tools to improve thinking and performance.
  • Appreciative Inquiry – Engages stakeholders in inquiry into the best of what is, in order to imagine what could be, followed by collective design of a desired future state that is compelling and thus does not require the use of incentives, coercion or persuasion for change to occur.

People appreciate how I create safe space for learning, use an interdisciplinary approach, and facilitate toward real solutions and sustainable results.


My mission is to inspire you to see new possibilities, believe in yourself and your capability, have the courage to try the previously unimaginable, and move from ordinary to extraordinary in both your personal and professional life.


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and ready to take action

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Client Quotes:

“Your programs look like workshops, but they’re not. They are life-changing experiences that you grow into.”


 "I couldn't even finish driving home from our coaching session. I had to pull over into a parking lot and write more notes about the insights that were 'popping' for me."


"Terri, knowing you and learning from you has made me a better person over and over again."


“You are a light in the room. You inspire leaders to change deeply, and you are like a magic wand that turns around people who are down.”


“Terri, talking with you is like getting oxygen.”


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